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Pakistan is currently at the forefront of some of the most major developmental projects and changes of the decade, Gwadar being one of them. A strategically located Gwadar port city positioned on the southwestern coast of Baluchistan, Gwadar plays an important role in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project and it is also known as CPEC project. Moreover, the Gwadar city is home to a variety of infrastructural projects, from real estate construction sites to developmental enterprises like the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline.

Once a small fishing village, Gwadar is undergoing a massive transformation and fast becoming a key element of present and future economic undertakings. Moreover, it is a guaranteed aspect of progression and growth in Pakistan, politically, socially and economically.

Once constructed, the Gwadar city will play host to major projects, and countless national and international investments that will not only promote trade and tourism but also deepen strategic and communication links.


The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project is the bridge of regional interconnection designed to benefit not just the host countries but also the neighboring ones of Iran, Afghanistan, India, and Central Asia, along with being a profitable journey towards economic regionalization.

The importance of CPEC lies in the improvement of bilateral ties as well as ambitious planning and investment in a number of sectors, from health, agriculture, and tourism, to finance, communications and human resource.

Under the pact, a number of infrastructural projects are being constructed and special economic zones established, not to mention the introduction of augmented power generation capacity and a vast network of railways and highways intended to connect Gwadar and Karachi with the Xinjiang region in China.

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