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Service is the thing through which one can easily know about an organization standards and it's values.Following are the list of services under our experties and for which INTERNIK is best known for....


Visa File Processing

The process of gathering and organizing required documents which are needed to apply for visa is known as VISA FILE PROCESSING. Know about basic requirements for your study visa, visti Visa and immigration visa and time they take. View More Details..

Foreign Education Consultancy

Selection of courses for Higher education, best colleges and universities to study in, in foreign countries is a difficult task. Let our professionals guide you to take a better decision for your better future. View More Details..

Language Courses

Language Courses IELTS, TOEFL, German or French are some of the top courses demanded by foreign countries for study, visit or immigration purpose. InterNik offers the above courses for those who want excellence and proficiency. View More Details..

Internik Academy

Internik Academy is well known for its services in Bahria Town Phase 7 and Bahria Town Phase 8, offering services for all subjects and almost all courses (O'A Level) through our best teachers. We have produced a lot of brilliant students View More Details..

Air Ticketing

When you want to travel on an aircraft you need an air ticket which are of various types e.g One Way or Return ticket. InterNik ticketing department provides best, suitable and cheapest tickets for your travel to your destination. View More Details ..


Hajj & Umrah Packages

Hajj and Umrah are both sacred acts of Muslims. Every Muslim wants to perform these acts atleast once a year. Want to perform Hajj or Umrah let InterNik arrange your Hajj and Umrah so you can perform worry free prayers.View More Details..

Holiday Packages

Planning Holidays is a difficult task as many of us don't know where to go and where not to go (especially when going with family). Let InterNik arrange your tour, book hotels, arrange shows so you can enjoy your vacations worry free.View More Details..

Business Mentoring

Mentoring is a process or training in which more experienced or more knowledgeable person(s) guides or trains a less experienced or less knowledgeable person. Let our mentors help you and guide you to make, run or improve your business. View More Details..

Real Estate

Real estate in Pakistan is an important and growing sector of economy of Pakistan. Most of people in Pakistan that want to invest their money, they invest it in Real Estate. Let us help you to find suitable real estate to invest your money. View More Details..

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