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InterNik(The Consultant) is a consultancy company with offices in Bahria Town, Islamabad and Mandi Bahaudin, providing Career Counseling, Foreign Education consultancy, Study Visa file processing and file processing services for visit visa across the world. InterNik was established in 2003 in Mandi Bahaudin, offered its services in Blue Area Islamabad (2008-2011) and now having its head office in Internik Plaza,Spring North Commercial Bahria Town Phase VII, Islamabad since 2011.

We represent eminent and leading institutes of UK, Australia, USA, Canada, Italy, Ireland, Holland, Czech Republic, Romania, Turkish Cyprus, Greek Cyprus, Russia and Germany. These institutes are top ranked private/government colleges and universities known around the world for their standard of education.

InterNik (The Consultant) has an experienced team of specialist counselors and consultants having a wide knowledge of colleges and universities. Once you contact us for our services, our experienced team member(s) will be proactively assisting you for the services you asked for. For instance, proving IELTs preparatory classes to potential students, offering suitable course options in your desired country, getting admission in best colleges/universities, processing visa, arranging ticket and catering any unseen issue arising after you reach there and start studying.

Due to our proficient team our success ratio is 100% obtaining study visa for thousands of students across the nation. We are passionate to use our expertise in the field of foreign education to make a time-tested resource in helping students to fabricate profound careers in their desired field and become a triumphant professional.

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Vision Statement

Reshaping careers for eternal progression.

 why us,

Best at/ Why us?

Our purpose is to provide students the best services not on affordable but on the cheapest cost.

Our achievement is that we have successfully dealt with the rejected cases in the market which resulted in satisfied, happy customer.

We believe that familiarity of another culture of developed country and an international degree can help our students in achieving their personal and professional goals and attaining a better future.

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Expertise Experience and team work are three main keys to success in every field. Alhamd o Lillah we have command over all three institutions. With business ethics, quality, prudence and pride at fore front we are happy to be recognized for having long term relationship with our customers. Relationship with the customers is required to evolve in the business. These relations are enhanced through co-operation and support. Therefore we have put our best efforts to guarantee the interactions with the clients. With due morals and extraordinary etiquettes we have become successful in contenting the people. Command on our services has been polished through experience in the field and with collaboration with the best in the business. Hence to carry on with this practice we have made the mare go in our field. Trained and qualified way of dealings and satisfactory atmosphere is always appreciated in every field but it's our secret to cash the best time and maintain the performance in rainy days.

HBEC Pakistan, Partner school of HBEC Switzerland

HBEC Switzerland

HBEC – Hospitality and Business Education Colleges, registered in Wittenbach, Switzerland as a degree awarding institute that offers specially designed module based study programs in fields of Languages & Communication, Training Kitchen & Service, F & B Management, Beverage Science, Enology, Accounting, Business Management, Economics & Law and Operations Manager Seminars at Level G2 and G3. The apprenticeship is practice-oriented and, in addition to teaching theory, also includes internships in the hotel, gastronomy or tourism sectors.

HBEC Pakistan

HBEC Switzerland has started its Partner School in Pakistan with collaboration with InterNik in Bahria Town Phase 7, Islamabad. InterNik is a registered firm, which provides professional consulting services in the areas of education, hospitality, empowerment and entrepreneurship. It has developed and rolled out a unique model of school system in Pakistan; and is striving to roll out its schools across the country under the banner of HBEC Switzerland.

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Welcome to Internik (The Consultant) a name of trust and experience. With our expertise we always place candidates to its best fit international universities. Our Team ensure that they provide best possible services at all cost while dealing with student's foreign education related matters. We provide friendly environment for students to overcome the fear of studying abroad. We always keep ourselves updated with latest information about admission policies and eligibility criteria at international universities. Moreover, it is our privilege to mentor students for their academic path in foreign universities. We look forward to serve you best at our office.