Immigration Visa

InterNik the consultant offers Immigration visa services for its customer.

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If you want to immigrate to foreign countries like Australia, Ireland, USA, and Holland for work, to live permanently in foreign countries you must first get an immigration visa to do so. Immigration visa is a permission that legalizes your stay in that country.

Visa file processing is the procedure in which one gathers requirements to apply for visa. Visa file processing time depends upon how fast you gather requirements for visa. After visa file processing is completed then you apply for visa. You can get immigration visa within 1 month-3 months depending on your case e.g. the country you are applying for etc. The stronger the case early you get visa. The fee for immigration visa vary from country to country

Immigration process is complex and requires time to be completed. For that purpose we have our solicitors around the globe. You must take IELTS (General) for that purpose and achieve atleast 7 Band score overall to start the process.

The immigration visa requirements vary from country to country, case to case. So the immigration visa requirements for countries can be known by its embassy or immigration agents for that country in your area. If you want to apply for immigration visa or want more information about immigration visa or feel free to Contact InterNik (The Consultant) , call us or Visit us. As in InterNik we offer immigration visa file processing in Islamabad and Mandi Bahudin.