Study in Holland / Netherlands

Here are some of the detail that will tell you about Holland, its education system adn how to apply for Holland?

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Holland / Netherlands

Netherlands also known as Holland is Western Europe country with coastline to the North Sea and shares land borders with Germany and Belgium. The most important cities in the Netherlands are Amsterdam (Country Capital), The Hague and Rotterdam. Netherlands means "Low Countries" because much of its land is below sea level. Netherland is the first non-native English speaking country to offer courses taught in English to international students. Now almost all courses offered to international students are taught in English and Dutch.

About Dutch People

The Dutch are frank and friendly people. The Dutch Love good food and drink and are also passionate about football. With several football clubs being in top-clubs in Europe and the national football team has a fantastic fan following during the European League and football world cup.

Why study in Netherland / Holland

When we speak of Netherlands/Holland Dutch people, cheese and their baked food comes into mind. But when it comes to Education you must consider the following facts

  • Netherlands is first non-English speaking country in which Universities designed their education system in English language for international students.
  • Dutch Education system is one of the most careful and forward thinking in the world. It's a system based on student-led learning, critical debate and practical experience.
  • Netherland has been voted third best higher education in the world.
  • Netherland education system is interactive and focuses on teamwork, helping international students meeting one another.
  • The tuition fees and other expenses for those who come to study in Holland are relatively low compared to other European countries.
  • The Netherlands is often described as the gateway to Europe. It takes only about an hour to fly from Amsterdam to Paris, Brussels or London. (In holidays one can go to visit these countries if one can afford).
  • When looking for employment after graduation, soft skills often play an important role in career building.
  • In Holland one can get scholarships for their study through Dutch government or universities based on student's performance.

Netherlands / Holland Education:

Education system in Holland is similar to other top international education destinations in terms of time period of a degree . e.g. Bachelor Degree 3-4 years, Masters Degree 1-2 years and PHD 4 years.

In Holland Higher education system is primarily made up of three types of institutes, each with their own value. These are

Research Universities:

Research Universities offer research oriented programs. Many programs at research universities also have a professional component. These universities vary in size and area.

Universities of Applied Science

The universities of applied sciences offer programs that focus on the practical application of arts and sciences. You can get practice work experience in these universities during your study or through internship

Institutes for international education

Institutes for international education (IE) offer advanced training and courses in a wide range of fields. Most of these are part of a research university. there are Institutes for international education which focus on the exchange of knowledge in setting of small, intercultural groups. These institutes re facilitated by teachers with extensive experience from developing and developed countries.

How to Apply to Study in Holland

  • First make up your mind what course you want to study.
  • Search for institution in Holland / Netherlands which offer the course.
  • Check Entry Requirements for course in that university, language and Visa
  • Apply for the course.
  • Receive your letter of offer (that you have been selected)
  • Receive Confirmation of Enrolment (Your enrolment after fee payment)
  • Apply Netherlands/Holland Visa
  • Plan your Departure to Netherlands/Holland

We could have written more details for above steps. But they change from time to time, you will not find such details on websites if you do make sure they are up to date, what you can do is contact an education agent. Education agent in your home country/city can help you apply to study in Holland / Netherlands. Or Contact InterNik (The Consultant)Education Consultants in Bahria Town, Islamabad, Pakistan , call us or Visit us to get assistance and advise to follow the steps and Study in Holland (We are study visa consultants in Islamabad and Mandi).
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