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Visa Agents

What is visa agent?

Visa Agent is one who offers his/her services from gathering your documents for visa file processing to submitting file to embassy. (Some embassies require self appearance there he goes with you.)

Visa Consultant

what is visa consultant?

Visa Consultant is one who offers Consultancy regarding visa matters whether it is for visit visa, study visa, immigration, permanent settlement visa or work visa. He helps you to gather your document make your file for visa (visa file processing) so you can easily get your visa.


What do you mean by Consultancy?

Consultancy is the advise which a consultant gives under his latest information and past experience.

What about fee structure of consultants and Agents?

The Fee structure of consultant and agents are a little different

Visa Agents fee structure

Visa Agents may charge fee as a whole for their services which may contain Consultancy, file processing, file submission to embassy and getting your visa from embassy. Fee depends from case to case e.g. study visa and visit visa are two different cases.

Visa Consultants fee structure

Visa Consultants charge fee for their services they offer Consultancy and visa file processing . If you want just consultancy (its free for first time), if you want to submit your case to consultant then it will cost you, then the consultant will tell you about the fee depending on your case.

When it comes to file submission to embassy then consultants charge you extra for that.

Visa File Processing

What is Visa File Processing?

The process of gathering and organizing required documents which are needed to apply for visa is known as VISA FILE PROCESSING. These documents vary from case to case. This file processing is done by visa agents or visa consultants to make sure you get your required visa.

Wrong Concept

Wrong concept about visa file processing

We think that visa agents or visa consultants are those who will give us visa in return to our payment. We are wrong Visa agents are not the one who give us visa, Visa is Applied through a specific Embassy. They are the one who help us or offer their services to get us visa from Embassy by making or setting our documents or files in such a manner that embassy can easily assess you, know you, that you are not harm to their country or you will not enter their country without permission.

What we offer?

What Internik The Consultant Offers?

At internik The Consultant we Offer Consultancy for visit visa, student visa, immigration visa, permanent settlement visa and foreign education consultancy.

We Offer Consultancy above services under professional visa Consultants and experienced education consultants.

Other Services

What Other Services We Offer Rather Than Consultancy?

At Mandi Bahaudin branch we offer consultancy regarding visas and study cases.

At Islamabad Branch We Offer Services listed here http://internik.com.pk/Services.aspx

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