Immigration to Australia

Immigration is one spectacular chance that individuals never will pass. Reasons may be various, for instance, obtaining a better professional degree, or to settle down forever and work or even simply to travel on a short visit, however the expression “travel abroad” attracts you. people of various countries are moving, subsidence and dealing in numerous countries separated from their own home country for higher financial prospects.

Immigration categories embody following

♦ Partner visa for spouse or fiancé
♦ Prospective marriage visa
♦ Parent visa for aged or working aged parent
♦ kid visa
♦ Dependent Visa
♦ alternative family visa (aged dependent relative, remaining relative)

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EU Blue Card is an immigration permit that is similar to US Green Card. This allows highly educated skilled professionals from different countries to come to Netherlands and explore the career opportunities existing in Netherlands. Non-EU skilled workers can stay and work in Netherlands with this card. This permit has a validity of 2 years and permits applicant’s family to accompany.


• Masters degree
• 5 years of work experience
• Applicant must have employment contract and a monthly salary of minimum 1.5 times the average gross fixed reference year by order of the Minister of Immigration
• Hold a contract of indefinite duration or at least one year.
• Sound health and character
• Medical & travel insurance is a must

EU Blue Card -Netherlands Advantages

• Applicant will receive a Temporary residence permit with a validity duration of 2 years
• Pathway to long term residency permit
• Family members can join the main card holder regardless of the validity period of their permits

Visa Fee

Application charges for a Blue card Holder: € 750
Partner/ Spouse €250
Child €250 per person

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