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    Immigration To Canada

    Immigration is one spectacular chance that individuals never will pass. Reasons may be various, for instance, obtaining a better professional degree, or to settle down forever and work or even simply to travel on a short visit, however the expression “travel abroad” attracts you. people of various countries are moving, subsidence and dealing in numerous countries separated from their own home country for higher financial prospects.

    Immigration categories embody following

    ♦ Partner visa for spouse or fiancé
    ♦ Prospective marriage visa
    ♦ Parent visa for aged or working aged parent
    ♦ kid visa
    ♦ Dependent Visa
    ♦ alternative family visa (aged dependent relative, remaining relative)

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Work experience can help people to plan for their profession,achieve experience to the Canadian working environment, build closer association with the society, and furnish with additional money. Work enhances the profile of individual from various perspectives. It is the primary cause of earning for most people and their families, empowering them to fulfill fundamental needs and follow other interests in order to fulfill them. People may gather a feeling of achievement from their work, at a societal level, the work of people produces productivity, benefit, and intensity in the Canadian economy.

    Individuals who have lived in Canada for a short time and have good English/French skills, appropriate skilled work experience, and have adjusted well to the Canadian society are eligible to apply and gain Canadian Experience Class (CEC). This will help them contribute and become a part of Canadian economy.
    Temporary international worker or international students with skilled work experience in Canada is able to take Canadian Permanent Residency under the CEC scheme.


    • Applicant must plan to live outside Quebec province
    • Applicant needs to have at least 1 year of full-time or an equal amount in part-time skilled work experience in Canada within the 3 years ahead of submitting the visa application
    • The experience must be valid with appropriate authorization
    • Applicant must apply whilst still working in Canada or in 1 year of leaving job in Canada
    • Applicant is required to meet the language levels needed for job

    Required Documents

    • Valid passport
    • Educational qualification documents
    • Employment related documents
    • Medical certificate
    • Police certificate
    • Documents to prove your language proficiency

    Features of Canadian Experience Class

    • Visa applicant obtains Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) and       Entry Visa
    • Stay, study, work or travel in Canada
    • Qualified for Canadian social security benefits
    • Family members can accompany the applicant

    Visa FEE

    The processing fee which should be included with the application

    Processing FeeAmount per person
    ·         Main applicant$550
    ·         Each family member under 22 or older$550
    ·         Each family member under 22 who is married or in common-law relationship$550
    ·         Each family member under age 22 who is single and not in a


    ·         common-law relationship



    1. The Right of Permanent Residence Fee, that will be requested by the Visa Office at a ending process if the application is accepted.


    Right of Permanent Residence Fee



           Amount per person

    Principal applicant          $490
    Spouse or common-law partner         $490

    Additional fees

    Individual is also required to pay for the following for him/her and family members (if applicable):

    • Medical examinations
    • Police certificates
    • Language assessments


    Note: Dependent children are exempt from paying the right of Permanent Residence fee.

    Disclaimer: Visa fees are subjected to change without prior notice

    Individuals applying for this visa should show that they meet the minimum visa criteria including work experience of 1 year that must be in a chosen occupation, a job offer from Canadian employer, or must be overseas worker or student presently living in Canada.

    • Overview
    • Educational Credential Assessment
    • Basic Features Of This Visa
    • Eligibility
    • Canada PR Canada Immigration Points-based Assessment
    • Visa Fee



    Canada Permanent Residency and Canada Immigration for Skilled Workers are point based visas. An applicant is required to score at least 67 out of 100 points in aspects like age, qualification, work experience, occupation & language proficiency. The Canada Immigration Process is easy if applicant matches the eligibility requirements for Canada Points System and his/her documentation is accurate & complete. Time for process of Canada Immigration is normally 6 to 12 months. Permanent Residency is issued for applicant, spouse & children. After PR is issued applicant is able to sponsor his/her parents, grandparents, siblings & cousins.
    This visa category is designed for people with high level of skills and experience that can be efficiently recognized in Canada. The Skilled workers are able to apply for PR and must be eligible, on basis of their education, work experience, language proficiency, and other criteria.

    Education Credentials Assessment

    Prospective applicants starting their procedure to get an ECA are required to meet the eligibility requirements:

    • A qualifying offer of arranged employment or are applying under the PhD stream or suitable occupations stream
    • Meet the minimum language requirement through a selected third-party test.

    Applicants who have Canadian educational credentials do not need to get an ECA, unless they are also submitting a foreign educational credential in support of their application.
    The ECA process will help determine if the foreign educational credential is authentic and equivalent to a completed credential in Canada. For prospective applicants, the ECA can provide a realistic understanding of how their foreign educational credentials are likely to be recognized in Canada.
    Four organizations have been designated by the Minister to provide ECA reports for purposes of immigrating to Canada under the FSWP. Additional organizations may be designated by CIC in the future. The designated organizations are:

    Comparative Education Service
    • International Credential Assessment Service of Canada
    • World Education Services
    • Medical Council of Canada.

    Assessment Fees:
    ICAC CAD 200 FSW package
    WES CAD 180
    CES: CAD 226
    The Medical Council of Canada has been designated only for those applicants who plan to apply with specialist physician or general practitioner/family physician as their main profession in their FSWP application.

    Basic Features of this visa

    • Canada Immigration or Canada PR Federal Skilled Worker visa enables the applicant to work in Canada without the need to be sponsored by an employer, a Canadian work permit or a job offer
    • Successful applicants are allowed to work without any restrictions, distinct to work permit
    • After completion of 3 years stay in the country, the applicant is allowed to apply for Canadian citizenship
    • Once applicant receives a Canadian Passport & Citizenship, he/she can travel to many countries in the world without a visa
    • Applicant can sponsor his/her immediate family & relatives to join them in Canada
    • Canadian permanent residences gives access to government subsidized education and healthcare
    • Open access to Canada’s labor market and related insurance and pension benefits
    • The PR visa is now issued in 6-12 months as a replacement for of the earlier 3 or more years
    • If the application is returned, the fee is refunded by the High Commission

    Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program permits skilled immigrants and their families to enter Manitoba to work and settle. Manitoba PNP program applications are approved from educated and experienced skilled workers with English proficiency and have capability and flexibility to settle in Manitoba as a Permanent Resident with the family on the similar status. Applicants nominated for Manitoba may apply for Canadian Permanent Resident Visa for themselves and family.

    Eligibility Required for the Manitoba provincial Nomination Program


    Applicants who are working in Manitoba at present or who plan to move to Manitoba are entitled for Manitoba PNP.

    Currently working in Manitoba:
    Applications are approved from temporary overseas workers and international students who have been working in the province full-time for 6 months.

    Skilled workers overseas:
    Applications from international skilled workers are decided on a variety of factors, including employ ability and flexibility. This is a point based system that awards points to aspects like age, English proficiency, work experience, education and Connection to Manitoba.

    Connection to Manitoba: Applicant’s connection to the Manitoba community through family or friends, or past education or employment experience, or an invitation to apply from the MPNP.

    • Valid Passport
    • Educational documents
    • Work experience related documents
    • Proof of language proficiency
    • Birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc
    • Health certificates

    • Manitoba PNP allows an applicant to:• Settle in Manitoba with PR
      • Avail the government-subsidized health care benefits, free education and other social benefits
      • Successful applicants are allowed to work, study or invest in a business in Manitoba, Canada
    • Manitoba PNP promotes family immigration. Qualified accompanying dependents are:
      1. Applicant’s spouse
      2. Children under age 18 of whom applicant has legal custody and are either applicant’s biological or adopted children or those of his/her spouse
      3. Adult children between the ages of 18 and 25 are considered only if:• They are single or in a common-law relationship
      • They are not financially independent because of any disability
      • They are studying full-time academic, professional or vocational trainingNote: Aged children who do not meet the criteria but intend to move with applicant must submit their own application, at the same time as applicant, and indicate they are related to the main applicant.
    • CIC Processing Fee for each application
      Main applicant $550/per applicant
      Each family member age 19 or older$550/per applicant
      Each accompanying family member under age 19 who is married or in a common-law relationship$550/per applicant
      Each accompanying family member under age 19 who is unmarried and not in a common-law relationship$150/per applicant

      Right of Permanent Residence Fee        

      Main applicant:  $490

      Spouse/common-law partner:  $490

      Note: Dependent children are exempt from paying the Right of Permanent Residence fee.

      Disclaimer: Visa fees are subjected to change without prior notifications

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