Immigration/Emigration VISA:

Immigration process is complex and requires time to be completed. Our dedicated solicitors around the globe can guide you in this worthwhile endeavor. Follow your dream of becoming a permanent resident in another country with InterNik.

Make your dream of immigrating abroad become a reality with InterNik.

InterNik can guide you in your immigration process to foreign countries including Australia, Canada, Turkey, Ireland, USA, and Holland.

An immigration visa is an essential requirement for living permanently in foreign countries. Immigration visa is a legal proof that you have been allowed
to stay in that country permanently. And it is the first step to become lawful permanent resident of a country.

Immigration is a complex process and it surely requires time to be completed. IELTS (General) with 7 band score is a must requirement for starting the

With InterNik you can complete your immigration process swiftly as we have our solicitors around the globe.

The immigration visa requirements vary from country to country and case to case.

The immigration visa requirements for countries can be inquired from the embassies or immigration agents of that country in your area. After visa file processing is completed visa is applied.

Immigration visa can be acquired within 1-3 months depending on specific information of a particular
case. The stronger the case early you get visa. The fee for immigration visa also varies from country to country.

InterNik offers immigration visa file processing in Islamabad and Mandi Bahaudin.