InterNik Guides its clients for Students Visa from the scratch till they reach their destination. Student visa is compulsory for studying in foreign countries. It legalizes your entrance, stay and exit from a
particular country. Student visa is compulsory to study in foreign countries as it legalizes your

entrance, stay and exit from that country. Unlike visit visa, student visa is only for study purpose you can work for some hours per week. Normally the time period allowed to work is 20 hour per week. The process for applying and gathering relevant documents needed for student visa is known as Visa file processing. Visa is applied after the completion of visa file processing is completed. Study Visa can be acquired within 1-3 months depending on the nature of each case. The stronger the case early you get visa. The fee for study visa varies from country to country and is more than visit visa. Here are the general requirements for study visa file processing


  • IELTS, TOEFL etc (Bands/score according to University or country requirements)
  •  Passport (must be valid for 6months after planned return from the company).
  •  CNIC Copy
  •  4 passport size photos
  •  Completed visa application form.
  •  Course Confirmation from applied University
  •  Funding detailsThese are the basic requirements that are unique for visa application in most countries, there might be some other

Requirements depending on different institutes and countries. InterNik offers study visa file processing in Islamabad and Mandi Bahaudin.