Visit/Tour VISA:

InterNik Offers Visit Visa Services. Visit Visa is a non-immigration visa for travelers who visit foreign countries as tourists or vacationers, for business or leisure activities or to meet family and friends. Visit Visa lasts for 14 days to 6 months.

Visit Visa legalizes your enter, stay and leave a country in due time. It is a non- immigration visa issued to an applicant for several reasons including:

  •  Tourism and vacations
  •  Business matters,
  •  Attending seminars, social events, concerts and conferences,
  • Seeking medical treatment,
  •  Family reunion.

Visit visa time limit is of 14 days, 30 days to 6 months Visa file processing is the procedure in which we gather requirements to apply for visa. Visa file processing time depends upon how fast you gather requirements for visa. After visa file processing is completed visa is applied. A visit visa can
be acquired within 10-30 days (some times more than 30 days) depending on the nature of case. Visa processing can be time taking depending on the country one is applying for, purpose of visit and some
personal circumstances. The fee for visit visa varies from country to country. General requirements for visa file processing is:


  • Passport (must be valid for 6 months after planned return from the country).
  • 4 passport size photo.
  •  Complete visa application form.
  •  Bank Statement
  •  Business Details/ Job Details
  •  Social Ties (Including your marriage certificate,
  •  Land/property documents.

Some countries might also require NTN Number and membership of Chamber of Commerce for business tours. These are the general requirements for visa application. There might be more requirements according to different case types such as visa for medical purpose might need an appointment letter from the hospital one will be getting treatment in the visiting country.

InterNik offers Tourism, Ticketing and visit visa file processing in Islamabad and Mandi Bahudin.