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    We at Internik Pvt Ltd offers our professionals services to help guide and make you succeed in your Student Visa Application. Our years of experience and trained and professional counselors are known for being most informative consultants and have track record of most successful cases.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Study in China is less expensive than studying other foreign countries. Conversely, For study in China From pakistan , the tuition fees are generally maximum 1000 U.S. dollars, a number of short-term language courses cost hundred dollars. Living expenses in China are also affordable in comparison to other countries all around the world. MBBS in China is Also available

    Admission process and visa process is always complex in nature. Visa interview can be deceptive as you may not be aware of what visa officer expects to hear from you. It is life changing opportunity so consulting our professionally trained mentors is suggested for admission and visa. Our stats show that we have highest success rate due to involvement of multiple trained counselors at different levels of process.

    A total of 279 best Chinese universities are designated by China Ministry of Education to accept Chinese Government Scholarship students from which you can choose your target university. Chinese government has taken this initiative program to sponsor international students, teachers and scholars to study and conduct research at top Chinese universities. With similar objectives like Germany and few other Schengen countries are achieving, China also want to promote it’s education sector beside adding benefits like mutual understanding and exchanges of technologies in various fields between China and . . .

    China offers distinct scholarships for international students from all around the world; one of the scholarships that are offered by Chinese government is Partial scholarships. Chinese government has extended the scholarship quota to 10,000 for international students. And the amount of money a government-funded international student receives will also be increased.

    Study MBBS in China & BDS Program in China features:

    ♦   Medical education(MBBS in China) is ranked at number four in the world due to quality
    of education.
    ♦   Medium of instruction at several universities is English.
    ♦   Scholarships are also available from full to partial for MBBS in China
    ♦   Good universities have mostly appointed foreign qualified staff with
    USMLE qualification
    ♦   MBBS programs in China of universities are approved by World Health
    Organization (WHO) and recognized by PMDC
    ♦   MBBS in China Degree is worldwide recognized
    ♦   No entry test or IELTS requirement for admission placement except
    few universities
    ♦   Merit based scholarship during study are offered to students
    ♦   Chinese universities do not charge separate international fee from
    international students so study cost is very inexpensive. Like for normal
    universities five year fee is less than 10,000US$.
    ♦   Average hostel expense of rent and utility is Rs. 6000/month.
    ♦   Student can pay fee after reaching in China directly to university.
    ♦   Minimum Marks in F.Sc required for Admission is 60%, but if you keep
    less than 60% and greater than 50% , still you can apply but will not able
    to get registered with PMDC*
    ♦   Separate hostel for female students are available.
    ♦   Gym, swimming pool and latest sport facilities are free of cost available
    for international students in university.
    ♦   Airport receiving services are available for all our students.

    Chinese universities offer professional courses to the national and international students. These courses provide knowledge and skills to student that are helpful for them in their career, some courses are mentioned below
    •  Advanced Business Management Program (ABMP)
    •  Civil Engineering
    •  Hotel Management
    •  Computer Science
    •  IT
    •  Accounting
    •  Finance
    •  Business Administration
    •  Economics
    •  Certified Course in Leadership & Change Management
    •  Certified Course in Supplier Development and Optimization
    •  Executive Master of European and International Business Law E.M.B.L.-HSG
    •  Global Master of Arts (MA) in International Relations
    •  Law and Business in China

    International students are not allowed to work on student visa without permission, and should speak to their university or employer after they have settled in to see what can be arranged.

    ♦  College admission letter
      Previous educational transcripts/certificates
      Sufficient funds
      Valid IELTS/ TOEFL score
      Valid passport

    What is total cost of study, travel and other expense for MBBS in China?
    • Studies Cost is 4000US$ to 4200US$ (Inclusive first year fee, living and miscellaneous expense and from second year it will be around 2500US$).
    • Air Ticket ( One-Way ; Pakistan-To-China) Approx Rs. 65000/- to Rs. 75000/-
    • Food /Catering Expenses (Monthly) Approx Rs. 5000/- to Rs. 10,000/

    How I can get my MBBS degree from china recognized from PMDC in Pakistan?

    At the moment none of the Chinese University student is exempted from PMDC exam and all student who qualifies from China will have to appear in the PMDC exam to get practice license being a Doctor in Pakistan. Student can obtain No Objection Certificate (NOC) from PMDC before joining university in China. However minimum 60% marks are required in F.Sc (pre-medical) to appear for PMDC exam. Universities can give admission to student with 50% marks but in that case PMDC will not allow to appear for exam. Student with less then 60% can come in Pakistan to re-appear in F.Sc exam to improve his result.

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    InterNik (PVT) LTD has an experienced team of specialist counsellors, consultants, and trainers having a wide knowledge of colleges and universities from around the world. Our proficient and dedicated team has incurred more than 90% success ratio by obtaining a study visa for thousands of students across the nation.